Zagat Ranks 22 Cruise Lines; Disney Tops in Family, Entertainment and Nightlife

Earlier today, Zagat released the results of its first Cruise Line survey. The survey, conducted on, covers 22 major cruise lines as voted on by 2,379 regular cruise-goers who had taken 9.5 trips, each averaging nine days. All told the surveyors had taken a total of 22,700 separate cruises.

“The survey reveals what the cruise line industry is doing plenty right, but that there’s still room for improvement,” said Tim Zagat, CEO of Zagat Survey. “Hopefully, these new results will help consumers during a time when making informed decisions is more important than ever.”

The cruise lines surveyed were broken down into categories based on size — Disney Cruise Line, with more than 1500 passengers, was included in the Large Ships Category along with nine other cruise lines. Each line was rated on Zagat’s signature 30-point scale for five aspects of its performance: (1) Cabins, (2) Service, (3) Dining, (4) Facilities and (5) Shipboard Activities, with an “Overall Score” based on an average of the five separate ratings. Disney tied with Cunard for sixth place in the survey with an overall rating of 25 out of 30.

Aside from taking top honors in individual categories of Top Live Entertainment, Top Nightlife, Best for Kids, Best for Weekend Getaways, Best for Families, Disney also scored second place in Top Spa Services, Top Onboard Shopping.

When compared with just the other cruise lines in the Large Ship category, Disney tied for second overall as well taking first spot in the Top Activities category. It was awarded second spot in Top Cabins, Top Service and Top Facilities and third in Top Dining.

The report does not appear to explicitly mention how many cruise lines were sorted into each category.

To see the full survey in detail, visit

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