‘Zombies and Cheerleaders’ Undead at Disney Channel; Resurrected as ‘Zoms and Poms’

We first broke the news that Disney Channel was working on a new musical series titled ‘Zombies and Cheerleaders‘ back in June of 2011, nearly four and a half years ago. While the series was expected to debut in 2012, the series was virtually dead air.

Today, due to an extreme number of domain registrations by The Walt Disney Company, it would appear the project is all but dead — undead, if you will — and may have been re-titled to ‘Zoms and Poms’ or ‘Zoms vs Poms,’ as the registrations suggest the exact title has not yet been finalized.

The registrations are as follows: zombsvspoms.com, zombzandpomz.com, zombzvpomz.com, zombzvspomz.com, zomsandpoms.com, zomzandpomz.com, zomzvpomz.com, zomzvspomz.com.

In addition, Disney has also registered zombstober.com, zombztober.com, zomstober.com, zombzwalk.com, zomswalk.com and zomzwalk.com, strongly suggesting the series/Disney Channel Original Movie will debut in October 2016, possibly along with a themed Disney Channel event.

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