Disney to Team Zombies and Cheerleaders According to Domain Registration

UPDATE: We now know ‘Zombies and Cheerleaders’ to be a new pilot for Disney Channel. Click here for the details.

One can only begin to imagine what Disney has up its sleeve with its latest round of domain name registrations which include ZOMBIESANDCHEERLEADERS.COM and CHEERLEADERSANDZOMBIES.COM. Being the entertainment giant that it is, the concept could apply to anything from books to films to television programs to films and beyond.

A google search only reveals projects from outside the Walt Disney Company with loosely affiliated titles and given that Disney itself seems unsure whether the pair belongs in alphabetical order, it’s a good bet that it’s not based on anything currently out there. It’s probably also a safe bet that it’s not on the Walt Disney Studios side, which means it’s not likely to be the subject matter of Pixar’s mystery film due out November 27, 2013, but for the record, we’re not readily opposed to the notion of Pixar zombies.

If anyone out there has any idea of what these domain names might belong to, please feel free to let us know.

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