WATCH: ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ ‘New Mission’ Big Game Ad (Spoilers)

'Muppets Most Wanted' New Mission AdThere are certain inalienable truths in life, one of which is that there can be only one Kermit the Frog. Event the world’s most evilest villain, Constantine, can’t approach the purity, the sanctity that is Kermit — certainly not with his heavy, thick accent and mole. Right?

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Tinker Bell’s ‘The Pirate Fairy’ New High-Res Stills

(L-R) ZARINA, VIDIA, TINKER BELL, SILVERMIST, ROSETTA, FAWN and IRIDESSA. ©2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has provided us with several new high-resolution stills from its upcoming Pixie Hollow franchise film, Tinker Bell’s The Pirate Fairy, available to own on Blu-ray on April 1, 2014 (available for pre-order). The new images, which features one of many outfit changes the fairies make throughout the film, have been added to the beginning of our stills gallery below.

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New Disney Arrivals at Hot Topic for January 31, 2014 (17 Items)

New Hot Topic arrivals for January 31, 2014 Below is a list of new items now available for purchase at Hot Topic. Clicking on a product’s image or description will launch the product’s page on Hot Topic in another window. Note that this list is generated and posted automatically. Stitch Kingdom should not be held responsible for any inaccuracies, misinformation or item availability. Disclosure: This post includes specially formatted links which allow the site to receive a small percentage of purchases made through them. Using these links does not affect your shopping experience in any way, but it does help the site. Even if you don’t purchase anything, even just sharing products you like through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest using the icons below them will help the site.

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‘The Pirate Fairy’ Dolls from Jakks-Pacific Now at Target, Playset Exclusive

'The Pirate Fairy' DollsTarget has informed us that they are now selling dolls inspired by the upcoming Pixie Hollow film, The Pirate Fairy, featuring Tinker Bell, her sister Periwinkle and all of their fairy friends, and introducing Zarina. The new dolls here, produced by Jakks-Pacific, feature Tinker Bell, Zarina, Periwinkle and Rosetta in their pirate outfits.

In addition to the individual dolls, Target is also selling an exclusive set of six 4.5″ Pixie Gem Collection dolls. According to the item’s description, each doll is clad in a dress they fashioned themselves using sparkling gems that were found in a treasure chest that had washed ashore. Each doll also includes a sparkly gem headband in their signature color that doubles as a ring too.

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‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Theatrical Poster (Hi-res), Super Bowl Teaser

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Payoff Poster

In advance of Sunday’s Super Bowl Game, Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Studios have released the final one-sheet (a.k.a. the payoff) poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier (April 4, 2014), which they have provided to us in high resolution format. We have added it to the beginning of our poster gallery, embedded below. Also embedded below, you’ll find the teaser for the Big Game Spot which was also released earlier this morning.

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WATCH: The Muppets’ Toyota ‘No Room For Boring’ Full Music Video

Muppets Toyota Highlander Joyride Super Bowl Ad

In addition to its sixty-second ‘Big Game’ ad for the 2014 Highlander which features ex-NFLer/actor Terry Crews playing straight man to Disney’s Muppets, Toyota has now release an extended music video for the ad’s original song, ‘No Room For Boring.’ You can see the entire music video embedded below.

With their over-the-top personalities, the Muppets teach Crews’ character a thing or two about ‘unborifying’ his lifestyle as they ‘borrow’ his sweet ride, the Toyota Highlander. The spot features humorous hijinks, dancing and surprises — and no Muppet caper would be complete without an original song. Viewers will see that with seating for up to eight human passengers or more than a dozen Muppets, the all-new Toyota Highlander has plenty of room for everything — everything except boring.

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‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ New Hi-Res Stills, Behind-The-Scenes Photos, Posters

L to R: Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) & Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) Ph: Zade Rosenthal © 2014 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

Just a few days ahead of the big game spot during the Super Bowl, Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Studios have provided us with two new high resolution still from Captain America: The Winter Soldier (April 4, 2014) as well as a few behind-the-scenes images and even new character posters featuring Black Widow and Nick Fury. As usual, the the new image has been added to the beginning of our gallery embedded below. Click on any of the thumbnails to see an expanded version, then click on the resize arrows to view it at its original resolution.

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VIDEO: Natasha Bedingfield Contributes to Tinker Bell’s ‘The Pirate Fairy’ Plus New Still

'The Pirate Fairy' on Disney Blu-rayWalt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has released a new clip from its upcoming film from DisneyToon Studios, The Pirate Fairy, available to own on April 1, 2014 (pre-order). The new clip, which you can find embedded below, features the film’s theme song, ‘Who I Am’ as performed by pop singer Natasha Bedingfield. The film also features Bedingfield’s ‘Weightless (Less Is More Version),’ which had been used in the scratch recording of the film and was enjoyed so much by the filmmakers, director Peggy Holmes opted to make it permanent.

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Sneak Peek: Disney ‘Frozen’ Sing-A-Long Edition (Hi-Res Poster)

Disney 'Frozen' Sing-A-Long EditionWalt Disney Animation Studios has provided us with a high resolution version of the theatrical poster for the Sing-A-Long edition of its smash success, Frozen. In addition, the ‘Let It Go’ sequence was also released today in sing-a-long mode which features the bouncing snowflake that will guide viewers along through the musical numbers. You can check it out embedded below.

The Frozen Sing-A-Long edition will be in over 1,000 theaters nationally beginning January 31, 2014. Because the regular edition continues to sell out shows, it is highly recommended that tickets be purchased in advance. You can visit Fandango to view local theaters and showtimes as well as purchase tickets.

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WATCH: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Deleted Scene, ‘Thor and Frigga Discuss Loki’

'Thor: The Dark World' on Blu-rayIn advance of the Blu-ray release of Thor: The Dark World (available to own February 25, (pre-order)), Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios has released one of the deleted scenes from the bonus features. Titled ‘Thor and Frigga Discuss Loki,’ the scene features Thor & Frigga discussing Loki and his errant ways. You can find the clip embedded below.

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