World Showcase Packs Culinary Punch Sept. 25-Nov. 8 at 14th Annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Epcot kitchens turn up the heat for a global tasting experience worthy of every palate Sept. 25-Nov. 8 at the 14th annual Epcot International Food &Wine Festival at Walt Disney World Resort. During the six-week, entertainment-packed event, park guests can taste fine cuisine and wines from the top “foodie” cities of the world.

Whether sampling bites of Camarões com Palmito (shrimp with palms) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, or sipping the trendiest wine from Buenos Aires, Argentina, festival guests can enjoy the flavors of more than 25 international marketplaces dotting the World Showcase promenade. The festival will spotlight tastes from cities on six continents, including Bologna, Italy; Bangkok, Thailand; Wellington, New Zealand; Santiago, Chile; Marrakesh, Morocco; Shanghai, China; and, from the United States – New Orleans.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Video)

Several new mothers are celebrating Mother’s Day at Walt Disney World a bit differently than the typical vacationing guest. For starters, they aren’t on vacation. They live at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. And they won’t be having Sunday dinner in any of the popular Disney restaurants. But despite the things these mothers do differently, because they are an elephant, a monkey, and a vulture, one thing is the same: the strong mother/baby bond as the new babies learn about their environment. Animal Operations Director, Matt Hohne, introduces the babies including Tsavo the African elephant, Zahra the Colobus monkey, and two Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture chicks.

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Vinylmation Park Series #2 – Mr. Incredible, Classic Epcot, Nemo and More! to be Released May 22


The next series of Vinylmation figures are set to be released May 22. Please Enjoy this selection of photos of the 3″ Vinylmation Park Series #2 collection and artwork of the 9″ collectibles.

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Star Wars Weekends 2009 Merchandise and Pin Preview (Photos) (Updated 5/7)

Star Wars Weekends 2009

Star Wars Weekends 2009

Note: this article was updated to include additional merchandise as well as some pricing and sizing information.

In addition to those displayed, there will be four other spinner pins: Senator Amidala & Senator Palpatine with Republic Symbol, Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker with Jedi Order Symbol, General Grievous & Ventress with General Grievous Symbol and Darth Maul & Court Dooku with Sith Symbol

Images courtesy of

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Imagineering’s Dr. Ben Schwegler to Present at 2009 World Science Festival in New York City

The second annual World Science Festival in New York City (June 10 – 14, 2009) has just posted its schedule of presentations and opened up for ticket sales. Unfortunately it looks like Disney’s participation is limited this year, but for the adults, WDI Chief Scientist Dr. Ben Schwegler will be part of a panel entitled WALL-E’s World: Designs for an Invisible Footprint.

The description for the panel is as follows:

Beneath WALL-E’s whimsical surface lies a grown up, cautionary tale about humanity’s relationship with the environment. In this program scientists reveal ingenious strategies for creating a sustainable future — from ‘carborexic’ cities made entirely from recycled trash to how the pursuit of “green” space exploration may one day help to revolutionize waste management here on Earth.

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Disney’s Animal Experts Ensure Mother-Child Bond Among Animals

Calf NursingLAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla., May 7, 2009 – The animal care team from Walt Disney World Resort has been busy since last Mother’s Day, assisting with the births of more than 440 animals and more importantly, helping to ensure that the relationship between mother and child remains uncompromised.

While much focus is given to the expert care of the animals during the birthing process, equal attention is given to the delicate and complex mother-child bonding process which uniquely varies among species and among individual animals.

For example, animal care experts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom were recently monitoring two baby vultures hatched from two different sets of new parents. One pair adapted quickly to their new parenting roles, while the other pair struggled and had difficulty feeding their new offspring. Concerned about malnourishment, the animal husbandry team intervened by providing supplemental food to the smaller bird. Eventually, the struggling parents began copying the behaviors of the adept parents and improved their parenting skills. Their efforts have been successful and today, both young chicks are of equal size.

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Enjoyed this post? Share it! Introduces Music Lounge for Music Featured on its Television Programs

Beginning today, in response to viewers’ love for not only their favorite ABC shows, but also the music in them, ABC Entertainment launches the ABC Music Lounge on, providing users with an interactive online music experience that is uniquely ABC. Reflective of the network’s commitment to using digital platforms to deepen its relationship with viewers, the ABC Music Lounge showcases everything about the music and artists featured on ABC’s popular primetime schedule, offering a deep catalog of music-related content.

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First Look: Aflac Commercial Featuring Disney/Pixar’s Up (Video)

Stitch Kingdom is very proud to bring you a first look at the Aflac commercial set to air on the FOX Network May 9 during the Southern 500 at Darlington. At this time, we do not have any details on when the commercial will be airing during the race coverage. Enjoy.

Special thanks again to Aflac.

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Rhino Bolts from DHS to Make Way for Up

This is expected to be the last week for the Bolt characters to be appearing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Bolt, Rhino and Mittens (occasionally) will be leaving the animation building to make way for Disney’s newest residents: Carl, Russell and Dug from Disney/Pixar’s Up. The trio wi – SQUIRREL!

Sorry. The trio are expected to make their debut on May 15 but there may be a delay in their introduction.

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ABC’s ‘Wipeout’ to Kicks Off its ‘Road Trip’ at Walt Disney World May 10-11

ABC’s wild and wacky obstacle-filled game show Wipeout is set to begin its second season on television May 27 and it’s not coming quietly.

The show will be taking its act on the road and its first stop is Walt Disney World. On both May 10 & 11 between 1pm – 8pm, guests will be invited to join the show at Downtown Disney’s West Side between DisneyQuest, Cirque du Soleil and the House of Blues where they will be able to participate in two different stunts taken directly from the hit show.

If you happen to see Skunk Boy, tell him we said hi.

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