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Art Academy - Nintendo DS

Art Academy - Nintendo DS

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From: Nintendo
Category: Video Games

List Price: $19.99
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Seller: Hitgaming Video Games
Sales Rank: 6,166

Language: English (Unknown)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: simulation_games
ESRB: Everyone
Media: Video Game
Edition: Standard
Autographed: No
Memorabilia: No
Discs: 1
Number Of Items: 1
Operating System: Nintendo DS
Shipping Weight (lbs): 0.2
Dimensions (in): 5.8 x 5.3 x 0.6

MPN: 1837346
UPC: 045496741020
EAN: 5060264370023

Publication Date: October 25, 2010
Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

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  • Features -
  • Free Paint Mode allows you to create works of art when ever and where ever you are inspired
  • There are different types of Pencil and Brush types for you to choose from when creating your art; this gives you more creative freedom when painting and drawing
  • Paints are easily mixed on a painter's pallet to get the desired colors; they can also be diluted with water to adjust the color saturation; you can even choose how much paint is on the brush at a given time
  • The Gallery is an area where the you can frame and save all of the artwork you create; Gallery Images can be displayed in a slide show or viewed one at a time

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Product Description
Draw, Paint, Create Step-by-step lessons for everyone! Learn to create art on the DS. Art Academy is a fun, interactive training program that teaches real-world painting and drawing techniques, much as you would learn in an art class. Lessons take you from basic sketching techniques with pencils to painting with brushes, color mixing and water dilution—all with a realistic feel and producing realistic results that can be applied to real-life materials outside of the Nintendo DS environment. Simple, easy-to-understand instruction. An in-game tutor walks you through each lesson step-by-step, giving examples, providing demonstrations, and offering helpful tips. Each Lesson gradually builds off the previous one, and allowing players to advance at their own pace. Art on the Go! Inspiration can appear anywhere –in the park, at a bus stop, even on an airplane. With Art Academy software’s free paint mode, your personal art studio is no farther than your pocket, ready to assist in creating your latest masterpiece.


Art Academy is an educational art game for Nintendo DS and DSi that is designed to teach the basics of painting, drawing, sketching, color theory and beyond. An extension of the Art Academy game series, previously available only to DSi users via Nintendo's wireless download DSiWare functionality, this cartridge based software for DS and DSi incorporates all 20 lessons from the previous two releases as well as 10 new lessons. The game features multiple modes, including one led by an in-game art tutor, as well as Free Paint mode that allows you to let your creativity flow freely. Additional features include: a wide variety of pencil and brush types, an in-game painter's color palette, the ability to save and frame finished work, a demo lesson that can be wirelessly shared with other DS or DSi owners and special DSi camera functionality.

Art Academy game logo

Learn to Draw and Paint with Your DS or DSi

Have you ever had an interest in art or wanted to learn how to draw and paint? Well now you can explore your creative side, anytime, anywhere with the Art Academy software, a fun, interactive, and portable training software for the Nintendo DS and DSi systems that will teach you how to draw and paint, much as you would learn in an art class.

An example of Art Academy played on a DSi
Learn the fundamentals of art right on your DS or DSi.
View larger.


Art Academy offers simple, easy to understand art lessons that you can take at your own pace. You even have the ability to fast forward or rewind a step if you would like to view it again. Vince is your in-game art tutor and he will guide you through each new lesson, gradually introducing new concepts to you. Each new lesson builds upon concepts that you learned in previous lessons, complete with step by step examples. The software takes advantage of the Touch Screen on the Nintendo DS. Simply use the stylus like a real pencil or paint brush when creating a piece of art. The pencils, paintbrushes, color mixing, and paint dilution effects produce realistic results, and feel very natural. All of the skills learned in Art Academy can be applied to real-life artist's materials outside of the Nintendo DS environment. So what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present to start learning how to draw and paint with Art Academy.

Game Features

  • Free Paint Mode allows the player to create works of art when ever and where ever they are inspired.
  • There are different types of pencil and brush types for the player to choose from when creating their art. This gives the player a lot of creative freedom when painting and drawing.
  • Paints are easily mixed on a painter’s pallet to get the desired colors. They can also be diluted with water to adjust the color saturation. The player can even choose how much paint is on the brush at a given time.
  • The Gallery is an area where the player can frame and save all of the artwork they create. Gallery Images can be displayed in a slide show or viewed one at a time.
  • Art Academy includes all 10 of the lessons and tools from both Art Academy: First Semester and Art Academy: Second Semester, which were previously only available as Nintendo DSiWare downloads. Plus there are 10 Mini Lessons and over 80 motifs that the player can choose from to use as reference material when creating their art.
  • When playing Art Academy on the Nintendo DSi system, the player has the added feature of using the built-in cameras to create reference material. The player can take a photo and save it into the gallery and then use it in Free Paint Mode.
  • The player can send the demo lesson via the local wireless connection of their Nintendo DS to another Nintendo DS to be tried by another player.

Additional Screenshots

In-game art tutor, Vince, teaching how to use shadow in Art Academy
Your own in-game art tutor.
View larger.
Blending colors in-game using the color wheel and color palette from Art Academy
Basic color theory.
View larger.
A still life with fruit created using Art Academy
Freedom to create.
View larger.
Available frames for use with completed art work in Art Academy
Frame and save your work.
View larger.