A Close-UP Look at the Zeppelin by Airship Ventures

The Graf Zeppelin attempts to moor to New York City's Empire State Building but high winds made it impossible.

In this doctored composite image, the Graf Zeppelin moors itself to the Empire State Building

Harking back to a romanticized future of the past, the sepia-toned skies of today could be very well have been filled with massive airships transporting passengers from coast to coast and country to country. But while you shouldn’t expect to see a zeppelin mooring to the Empire State Building any time soon (yes, that’s right – the once tallest building in the world was indeed intended to be a docking station for zeppelins – see here for more information), you can find one today piloting the skies of California.

The largest of only three zeppelins operating in the world today, the Eureka was recently brought to the United States by privately owned Airship Ventures, offering customers a once-in-a-lifetime experience as they fly over California using a means of transportation that hasn’t been seen in this country in decades. In fact, Airship Ventures is the only airship company operating today that allows the public to enjoy its services.


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