A Brief Introduction to Disney’s Club Penguin

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Disney's Club PenguinWith all the excitement surrounding the upcoming appearance of Club Penguin’s Captain Rockhopper at Walt Disney World beginning April 30, we couldn’t help but notice some have been asking what Club Penguin is all about. Here we present a brief introduction to the world of Club Penguin.


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Additional Details on Captain Rockhopper’s Appearance at WDW (and He’s not Alone)

Thanks to a tweet from disneyshawn, we understand that Captain Rockhopper will appear across from the Backlot Tour beginning April 30. Even bigger, Shawn reports that Rockhopper will be accompanied by another penguin he calls Blue (as pictured in our original report here).

Current meet & greet times are scheduled for 9:30a, 10:30a, 11:30a, 12:30p, 2:30p, 3:30p and 4:30p.

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Club Penguin’s Rockhopper to Visit Walt Disney World in May

rockhopper-disney-world-298x300If you’re a penguin, you already know who Rockhopper is and you probably already know this juicy little tidbit, but Club Penguin and many CP fan sites are reporting that Rockhopper will be making appearances at Walt Disney World beginning April 30 through May 13. No further details are currently available, but rest assured, as soon as we know more, we’ll update you all.

Updated: Here’s the official announcement in CP’s blog.

Thanks to cancilla/TGM for the tip

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Club Penguin™ Ready To Slip And Slide Into The Hearts Of Francophone Kids

Club PenguinKelowna, British Columbia, Canada – March 23, 2009 – Following its phenomenal success with millions of children and parents around the globe, the virtual world of Club Penguin (www.clubpenguin.com) has opened its igloo doors to the francophone community.

The new French language version of Club Penguin (www.clubpenguin.com/fr) is supported by francophone staff in Europe and Canada who understand the unique cultural references of the French audience and can provide timely and responsive moderation and customer support.


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