SNEAK PEEK: Muppets ‘Disney Drive-On’ Web Series Tackles ‘The Office’

'Muppets Drive-On'Perhaps working with Ricky Gervais on Muppets Most Wanted has benefited the Muppets – nay, all of us — in so many ways that it will take decades of sequels for us to fully realize them all. Fortunately, there may be one that we can realize just ahead of the Blu-ray release, and it is called ‘Disney Drive-On’ with the Muppets.

The plot is simple: Walter is the newest member of the Muppet family, so ‘Disney Drive-On’ gives us a taste of what his life is like working for Kermit the Frog et al on the Walt Disney Studios lot. As far as details go, well, we know the plot and that’s about it. We also have two sneak peek videos that were released today, the first being the show’s opening number:

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