SPECULATION: Disney Interactive’s Next Big Buzz is ‘Infinity,’ Not ‘Kingdom Hearts 1.5’

Disney InfinityReporting on Jay Rasulo’s appearance during a conference last week, Business Insider has speculated on a statement Disney’s CFO made regarding the future of gaming. According to the report, Rasulo has promised two ‘game-changing’ titles in the upcoming [fiscal] year, the first being ‘Epic Mickey 2,’ due out on November 18 and the second as-of-yet-unannounced title to debut at some point in 2013.

Cycling through a list of upcoming films and deeming none of them game-changing, the article jumps to the (hopeful) conclusion that the upcoming title is ‘Kingdom Hearts 1.5,’ a recently announced title known to be exclusive only to Japan. This speculation has spread like wildfire, being reported on several gaming news sites.

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Speculation: Could Disney Imagination Online Reincarnate Virtual Magic Kingdom?

Admittedly, this little puppy has been sitting in the Stitch Kingdom inbox for a long time, but recent activity makes it harder to ignore. You see, back in March, Disney registered a slew of domain names at once, including: disneyimaginationgame.com, disneyimaginationgame.net, disneyimaginationworld.net, disneysimagination.net, disneyworldofimagination.net, imaginationonlinegame.net, disneyimaginationonline.com, disneyimaginationonline.net, disneyimaginationworld.com, disneysimagination.com, disneyworldofimagination.com, imaginationonlinegame.com, disneyimagination.net, disneyimagination.org, disneyimaginationgame.org, disneyimaginationonline.org, disneyimaginationworld.org, disneysimagination.org, disneyworldofimagination.org and imaginationonlinegame.org.

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