Disney Nerds, ‘Lion King,’ ‘Fox and the Hound,’ ‘Nessie’ Plush Available Online

Disney nerd plush from Disney StoreAfter transitioning to new warehouse space, DisneyStore.com completed its update to the online store, adding hundreds of new items, notably plush and back-to-school supplies. We’ll have more updates on these items tomorrow, but for now we wanted to share some exciting news that we felt just couldn’t wait.

First, new contributions to the immensely popular Disney Nerds franchise have been made available. These include the Mickey and Minnie plush which instantly sold out at Disney Store Times Square along with a few other items. For more information or to order, visit DisneyStore.com and search for the following item numbers: Mickey nerd plush (1261000441488P), Minnie nerd plush (1261000441489P), hoodie (5602048024633M), sneakers (9267041411915M), backpack (9268040791893P), lunch bag (9268040791896P), journal (6459041261743P), tri-fold journal (6459041261741P) and gel pen set (6459041261740P).

Also available is a slew of new plush for The Lion King including: Adult Nala (1261039301468P), Adult Simba (1261039301467P), jumbo Mufasa (1261039301470P), Scar (1261039301506P), Timon (1261039301466P), Pumbaa (1261039301503P), Banzai (1261039301473P), Shenzi (1261039301472P), Ed (1261039301471P), elephant (1261039301505P), zebra (1261039301469P) and giraffe (1261039301504P).

In honor of the release of The Fox and the Hound, the plush editions of young Tod (1261041281464P) and Copper (1261041281465P) are also now available online.

Lastly of note is a 16″ Ballad of Nessie plush based on the title character from the Walt Disney Animation Studios short film that precedes Winnie the Pooh, item #1261000441539P.

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