Disney Parks InsidEARS (re)Releases Videos, Launches Facebook Page

Disney Parks InsidEARSAs a follow-up to our announcement yesterday regarding the unofficial launch of the Disney Parks InsidEARS website, we are pleased to note that there is additional activity on the InsidEARS front.

The first item worth noting is that the official InsidEARS Facebook page is now live. The page encourages visitors to Like it as a way of knowing when the program will be accepting new InsidEAR applicants.

In other news, Disney Parks has released two four new videos via its YouTube page featuring the InsidEARS moniker. Hosted by Walt Disney World social media community manager (and former ‘The Bachelor’ contestant) Marissa May, the videos take a look at activities beyond the parks at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Disney Parks ‘InsidEARS’ Website Now Live as Beta Site

Disney Parks InsidEARSFor several months — over a year in fact — we have been talking about a new Disney Parks and Resorts program titled the ‘Disney Parks InsidEARS.’ Although the anticipation has been high, a recent announcement on the official Disney Parks blog did hint at a name change for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel, a possibility we did speculate on in the first article.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have discovered that the official ‘Disney Parks InsidEARS’ website has gone live. Currently there appears to be no movement on the Facebook and Twitter accounts (assuming they are even legitimate), although the InsidEARS website does mention them as specific locations one could find an InsidEAR.

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Disney Parks InsidEARS Update

Back in November, we reported on the mysterious Disney Park InsidEARS, a website to feature advice and information, news and commentary in the field of travel as well as the field of entertainment.

We thought it’d be a good time to check up on the state of the new source of travel and entertainment information, especially in light of Disney registering several anti-InsidEAR domain names, presumably in a move to block potential for spoofing/criticism. Among the domain names registered are outsidear.com, outsidear.net,outsidear.org, outsidears.com, outsidears.net and outsidears.org. Either that, or Ponyboy will be the resident Disney Parks expert.

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