TFNY: ‘The Force Awakens’ Rey and BB-8 Large Scale Action Figures from JAKKS Pacific Sneak Peek

Star Wars 18 inch Rey Big Figs from JAKKS PacificJust ahead of the New York International Toy Fair in New York City this weekend, JAKKS Pacific has announced it will be expanding its Star Wars line of Big-Figs to include Rey (seen here) as well as BB-8.

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Ian McShane Joins Disney in Reveal of LEGO Captain Jack Sparrow Life-Size Statue

Earlier this evening, Disney Consumer Products debuted new lines of toys from LEGO and JAKKS Pacific for this summer’s blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides. Highlights of the event included appearances by production designer John Myhre and Ian McShane who takes on the role of Blackbeard, the pirate all pirates fear.

As part of the event, Disney and LEGO unveiled a six foot tall ‘life-size’ statue of Captain Jack Sparrow, the first of its kind. The highly detailed statue, which includes a removable sword, consists of approximately 150,000 LEGO bricks and took more than 200 man hours to design and build. Approximately 70 of those hours alone were used in the creation of Jack’s head which was all done without the assistance of computers.

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Report: Disney Princess & Me Product Launch Event at Toys ‘R’ Us Times Square

Earlier today, Disney Consumer Products and JAKKS Pacific held a VIP (Very Important Princess) event at the Toys ‘R’ Us in New York’s Times Square in which future princess socialites were invited to partake in various activities in support of the launch of what’s already made the list of several must-haves this holiday season, the Disney Princess and Me line of dolls and accessories.

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First Look: ‘Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue’ Toy Collection from JAKKS Pacific

As part of last week’s Disney Consumer Products holiday tour, we also got a first look at several toys from JAKKS Pacific in honor of the upcoming direct-to-video Disney Fairies movie Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.

Standouts from the collection include a soft-bodied doll version of Lizzie, the human child in the film who encounters Tinker Bell and develops a relationship with her. Lizzie comes complete with a small plastic figure of Tink that fits in Lizzie’s pocket. Additionally, there will be a separate fairy house playset available which pays respects to the fairy house constructed by Lizzie from household products which initially draws Tinker Bell in.

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