‘Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure’ to Replace ‘Kim Possible’ at Epcot

Agent P's World Showcase AdventureThe official Disney Parks blog confirmed earlier today that it will introduce the popular Disney Channel series ‘Phineas and Ferb’ to Epcot later this year when it replaces the also-popular ‘Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure’ with ‘Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure,’ starring Perry the Platypus’ alter-ego, Agent P.

The change was reported earlier this year by @TouringPlans on their Twitter, with an expected timeline of June (the Disney Parks blog mentions only summer as the transition time), but was recently confirmed by Walt Disney Parks Chairman Tom Staggs in an interview with Travel Weekly (via Jim Hill Media).

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Agents Wanted: The Definitive Guide to Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure Now Available

528051701_ge797-lIntroducing the newest member of the famous Stitch Kingdom Definitive Guide series, the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. Stitch Kingdom takes you deep undercover into Epcot’s new in-park high-tech game, providing you with tons of information you won’t and can’t find anywhere else in true Definitive Guide style.

Check it out at http://stitchkingdom.com/kimpossible. Spread the word!

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KP World Showcase Adventure Jan 29 – More details revealed

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With a little less than a week to go before the official opening (DVC members are being treated to a preview Jan 23-25), the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure section of the Definitive Guide to Kidcot has been updated to reflect some new details including those mentioned in this article from the Orlando Sentinel.

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