‘Peter Pan: The Lost Chords’ on Digital Download, February 5

'Peter Pan: The Lost Chords'Set to be released on February 5, 2013, alongside the Peter Pan: Diamond Edition blu-ray, Walt Disney Records is continuing its fabulous ‘The Lost Chords’ series, featuring demos and fully produced new editions of songs that never made it into the film along with a digital booklet that adds additional insight into their history.

Included in the Peter Pan entry into the series are four songs: ‘When the Bos’n Pipes a Tune (AKA The Boatswain’s Song),’ ‘Beyond the Laughing Sky,’ ‘The Pirate Song’ and ‘Never Land’ with demos by noted songwriters Frank Churchill, Sammy Fain and Richard Sherman.

For more information and to hear samples and purchase the music when available, visit Amazon.com.

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Preview ‘Cinderella’ ‘The Lost Chords’ Available to Own October 2

Disney's 'The Lost Chords: Cinderella'As we previously reported, Disney will be releasing a set of ‘lost chords’ from Cinderella on October 2, just as they have done with recent classic releases, The Aristocats and The Rescuers. The new ‘Lost Chords’ series consists not only demos of songs written for the films that ended up not being used, but all-new, fully orchestrated songs, produced in the same vein as if they had been used in the original film after-all.

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