Creative Forces Behind Disney/Pixar’s UP to Ring Closing Bell at New York Stock Exchange May 29

While the event has already taken place, we hope to provide you with video and more coverage soon. Keep checking for more coverage of this historic event. (Video has been posted here)

While the New York Times may continue to report on their financial bleak outlook for Disney with an apparent shortage of toys inspired by UP or the Jonas Brothers in.. well, whatever they do, it appears Pixar may get the last laugh – or at least the last bell.

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Forget the Palm d’Or, Dug from Disney/Pixar’s UP Takes the Palm Dog

The American Free Press is reporting that Dug and the rest of his canine pack (Alpha, Beta, Gamma and perhaps a couple of others) have secured the top canine prize at Cannes, the Palm Dog, which celebrates dogs on film.

From the article: “Up was a favourite from the word go as it featured loveable Dug and a pack of wild but wonderful hounds with comically malfunctioning human voice collars,” said journalist Toby Rose.

For more information on the award, check out the article here.

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UP House Makes Cameo Appearance on The Simpsons (Video)

On the episode titled ‘Coming to Homerica,’ originally airing on May 17, 2009, Homer and his buddies form a border-guarding group a la the Minutemen Project. When a cluster balloon recon mission goes awry, the Carl Fredricksen house makes its Simpsons debut.

[media id=25 align=center width=480 height=360]

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Photo Coverage of UP Premiere at Cannes

In honor of the premiere of UP taking place later today in Hollywood, we’d like to travel in the UP-posite direction and head back to France so that we may bring you photo coverage of the red carpet premiere of UP at the Cannes festival. Images from WireImage and ©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

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Enjoy D23 Events Nationwide this Summer – from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York & In-Between

The following are a list of events being held for D23 members in Los Angeles, Anaheim, Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York City, San Francisco and Burbank. Remember that your D23 membership card will be required to attend all events. Visit for more details. (more…)

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First Look: Carl, Russell and Dug from Disney/Pixar’s ‘Up’ at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

UP's Russell, Carl and Dug appearing at Disney's Hollywood Studios. © Gene Duncan/Disney

UP's Russell, Carl and Dug appearing at Disney's Hollywood Studios. © Gene Duncan/Disney

As we reported earlier, guests can meet the stars of Disney/Pixar’s UP at the animation building at Disney’s Hollywood Studios beginning tomorrow, May 15.

Here we get our first look at the trio as they visit the park a day early to take in the sites. No word yet if the animation building will be taking flight any time soon.

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A Close-UP Look at the Zeppelin by Airship Ventures

The Graf Zeppelin attempts to moor to New York City's Empire State Building but high winds made it impossible.

In this doctored composite image, the Graf Zeppelin moors itself to the Empire State Building

Harking back to a romanticized future of the past, the sepia-toned skies of today could be very well have been filled with massive airships transporting passengers from coast to coast and country to country. But while you shouldn’t expect to see a zeppelin mooring to the Empire State Building any time soon (yes, that’s right – the once tallest building in the world was indeed intended to be a docking station for zeppelins – see here for more information), you can find one today piloting the skies of California.

The largest of only three zeppelins operating in the world today, the Eureka was recently brought to the United States by privately owned Airship Ventures, offering customers a once-in-a-lifetime experience as they fly over California using a means of transportation that hasn’t been seen in this country in decades. In fact, Airship Ventures is the only airship company operating today that allows the public to enjoy its services.


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Look Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s… It’s… Well… UP!

Cluster Balloon Chair and Up Zeppelin at Pixar Studios. Photo courtesy of Pixar.

Cluster Balloon Chair and Up Zeppelin at Pixar Studios. Photo courtesy of Pixar.

Disney/Pixar has teamed up with cluster balloon pilot Jonathan Trappe to promote the UPcoming new film by recreating Carl Fredricksen’s helium-tastic voyage on a much smaller scale (right down to using Carl’s armchair instead of his house). Two teams will be leading a 20-city tour on either coast which already began back in late April.

Today, the west coast tour visited the Pixar Studios campus as shown in the photo on the left.

Remaining tour dates are as follows:

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