REVIEW: Hands-On with Disney’s Playmation, Marvel Edition

Disney Playmation Starter PackThis Sunday (October 4), Disney and Hasbro officially launch the first wave of Playmation, the inter-connected toy system that promises to ‘flip toys-to-life on its head.’ Usually reserved for describing specific video console games, the ‘toys-to-life’ concept allows players to use real-world toys (usually stationary figures) to affect gameplay — one that Disney’s own ‘Disney Infinity’ franchise has managed to do incredibly well. Instead of plopping down in front of a television screen, however, Playmation combines new technology with old-fashioned imagination and physical play for an almost-new play pattern. The result is augmented imaginative role-play that encourages physical activity both indoors and outdoors, alone or with friends, anytime and virtually anywhere.

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WATCH: Disney’s ‘Playmation’ Merges Marvel, Star Wars Wearable Tech with Toys and The Cloud

Disney Playmation Starter PackDisney Consumer Products today unveiled Playmation, a new form of the toys-to-life category that combines connected toys, wearable tech and cloud technology to provide updates as needed.

According to Disney, Playmation is the next step in the evolution of play, where digital gets physical and imagination becomes real. The groundbreaking system of toys and wearables uses smart technology to inspire kids to run around and use their imaginations, as they become the hero or heroine of stories from across The Walt Disney Company. Playmation Marvel’s Avengers is the first of a series of systems in development, including Star Wars and Frozen. In Playmation Marvel’s Avengers, strap the high-tech Repulsor Gear onto your arm and join the Avengers in their fight to save Earth! As an Avenger recruit, your on-board intelligence JARVIS will guide you from your Gear as you accept missions from the Avengers and battle in exotic locations around the universe to save our planet—all from the comfort of your own home.

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