PATENT: Disney Creates ‘Invisible’ Controls for Puppets Under Water

PUPPET CONTROL MECHANISM Betcha on land they understand that you can hide the mechanisms that control your puppet, but it’s a totally different story under the sea. With beloved characters like Ariel from The Little Mermaid and popular franchises like Finding Nemo (and its upcoming sequel, Finding Dory), being able to present the characters as tangible puppets in their true native habitat would go a long way to creating magic, but the requirements of visible rods and other manipulators only serve to take away from the experience. Instead, Disney has relied on using computer generated imagery and projection to simulate combining its intellectual property with real world aquatic elements such as the Living Seas with Nemo and Friends at Epcot.

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Disney’s Flying Dragon Officially Tied to New Fantasyland

Disney's Flying Dragon PuppetA new post on the official Disney Parks blog teases what appears to be the Flying Dragon puppet/vehicle that was spotted during testing earlier this year at Minter Field Airport in Shafter, California. Using blurry video footage, the video appears to spotlight the vehicle and in fact the post does tease that it involves a dragon of some sort, noting some of which even breathe fire, which the Disney flying vehicle reportedly does.

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Disney’s Secret Flying Dragon Caught on Camera — But Not for ‘Avatarland’

Disney's Flying Dragon PuppetWhat you see here is one of Walt Disney Imagineering’s newest inventions being tested earlier this year at Minter Field Airport in Shafter, California — a flying dragon puppet that even — get this — breathes fire.

The flying fantasy object was recently spotted as reported by the Bakersfield Californian, but this picture here, amongst others, has actually been online since May. It comes via the Facebook page of Tammy Jackson-Zaninovich who reports the sighting as ‘just another day’ at the airport.

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