Disney Parks to Wipe Hands Clean of Guests in Response to Flu Concerns

Over the next few weeks, Disney Parks will deploy hand sanitizer dispensers in common locations across the resorts such as theme park turnstiles, resort lobbies and some meet & greet locations in response to concerns over the spread of germs and viruses, notably the H1N1 flu virus.

In addition, guests will continue to be able to purchase individual hand sanitizing packets at various retail locations throughout the parks and resorts.

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Disney World Still Draws Crowds Despite Flu Alert

ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) – Mickey Mouse, Pluto, the Fairy Godmother and other Walt Disney favorites were still dishing out kisses, handshakes and high-fives at the Magic Kingdom on Thursday, despite the flu virus alert gripping the United States.

At the world famous Florida theme park, which is run by Walt Disney Co and visited by millions each year, enthusiastic crowds filled the avenues and rides, apparently unworried by the warnings of a possible pandemic of a new strain of influenza A (H1N1) virus.


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Orlando’s WFTV Reports Possible Case of Walt Disney World Tourist with Swine Flu (Updated)

WFTV Channel 9 in Orlando is reporting a case of a Mexican tourist who came to visit Walt Disney World a couple of days ago being infected with the swine flu.

At this time, both Disney and the Orange County Health Department claim no knowledge of the situation.

UPDATE: A representative from the Orange County Health Department acknowledges that a tourist had been tested for the swine flu on Monday night but that the results have not yet become available. While many people have come into hospitals claiming to have swine flu symptoms, the tourist in question was the only one to be tested so far (and presumably because he’s from Mexico).

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