Vinylmation Park Series #2 – Mr. Incredible, Classic Epcot, Nemo and More! to be Released May 22


The next series of Vinylmation figures are set to be released May 22. Please Enjoy this selection of photos of the 3″ Vinylmation Park Series #2 collection and artwork of the 9″ collectibles.

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First Series of Experiment 626 Project Vinyl Collectibles Released

Mindstyle Stitch CollectionMaking their debut at the FX Show in Orlando, Mindstyle brings us the first series of the Experiment 626 Project where artists have been commissioned to give Stitch a whole new look.

The vinyl collectibles stand a proud 5″ tall and retail for about $25 each.


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Sulley & ‘Life-size’ Stitch VCDs Coming 2nd Quarter

Sideshow Collectibles is bringing two new Disney Vinyl Collectible Dolls (VCDs) from Japan’s Medicom Toys to the US later this year. First up is a ‘life-size’ Stitch sitting tall at just above 18″ and weighing in at around 25 lbs. Sulley’s about 8.7″ tall. Both are available for pre-order and expected to ship in late May.

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