Swampy ‘Where’s My Water?’ Merchandise Now Available from DisneyStore.com

'Where's My Water?' Tri-Duckin' Tee from DisneyStore.comWith over 27,000 votes and an obscenely rare perfect rating on the Apple AppStore (even for apps with a fraction of that count), it’s pretty evident that all the world loves Swampy and his physics-puzzler, ‘Where’s My Water?’ from Disney Mobile. Thus when news of an original web-series featuring Swampy, girlfriend Ally, and the rest of the residents of the sewer broke, the response was more of a sigh of relief than shock.

But before the series makes its debut in early 2012, we have news of another spin-off venture featuring Swampy the Alligator: the wonderful world of merchandise. Beginning today, DisneyStore.com is offering three adult tees which allow fans to wear their affection for the game. To view and order the new merchandise, visit DisneyStore.com and enter ‘Where’s My Water’ in the ‘what are you searching for?’ box.

If the current offerings aren’t enough to whet (or should we say wet?) your appetite, you can also employ official images of Swampy, Ally and the rubber ducks on any customizable product from DisneyStore.com via their agreement with Zazzle.

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‘Where’s My Water’ ”10 Days of Swampy’ Full Preview and Walk-thru (Spoiler)

'Where's My Water?' 10 Days of Swampy PromotionAs we announced yesterday, Disney Interactive did not disappoint when it introduced its third expansion to the amazingly popular ‘Where’s My Water?‘ app for Apple iOS and Android devices. In addition to the new chapter, ‘Stretched Thin,’ which introduces water balloons and new physics, Disney also released ‘Where’s My Water? Free‘ which features ten exclusive levels in addition to another ten levels being released over the course of ten days, beginning with yesterday. The campaign titled ’10 Days of Swampy’ leads into the New Year and will reward players who managed to Tri-Duck it with five of Swampy’s favorite levels from the premium version of the game.

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‘Where’s My Water? FREE’ Released, New ‘Stretched Thin’ Chapter Added to Premium Version

'Where's My Water?' 10 Days of Swampy PromotionDisney Mobile announced today that ‘Where’s My Water? Free’ is now available on the App Store for Apple iOS devices, Android Market and Amazon Appstore for Android. ‘Where’s My Water? Free’ features 25 exclusive levels, in addition to another two hidden levels.

Disney Mobile is also kicking off a special promotion, ‘The 10 Days of Swampy,’ in which for 10 days, beginning today, players can unlock a new level of the ‘Where’s My Water? Free’ app each day. Players who ‘Tri-Duck’ all of the new levels are immediately rewarded with ‘Swampy’s Picks,’ five of the best levels from the paid version of the game. In addition, players will be surprised with free wallpapers on January 1st, regardless of having completed the new levels.

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‘Where’s My Water?’ Update Turns Up the Heat; Full Video Walk-Thru Available

'Where's My Water?' 'Boiling Point' UpdateSwampy the Gator’s perpetual quest for a bath in Disney Interactive’s ‘Where’s My Water?’ app for Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Android devices caused some temperatures to rise yesterday as 20 new levels were introduced. The second update of its kind since the game’s release just a couple of months ago, ‘Boiling Point’ introduces the element of steam to the game along with new physics to tease players through the additional levels.

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Disney Interactive to Produce ‘Swampy,’ Future Web Series in YouTube Partnership

Disney Interactive and YouTube are joining forces to bring family-friendly video entertainment to the web. The alliance will bring together the leading provider of family-friendly entertainment with the Internet’s most popular destination for video programming.

Complementary online video destinations tailored to Disney audiences will be made available on both Disney.com and YouTube in early 2012, furthering Disney Interactive’s strategy to deliver the most relevant and immersive online experiences to its guests wherever they are.

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